Bull Pipe Australia is based in Miles, QLD. We sell small diameter ex-drill casing all over Australia, used for fencing, cattle yards, dog fences and piling. 

We have over 30 years of experience buying and selling pipe as Arthur Pipe & Steel Australia Pty Ltd. As APS we sold small diameter fencing pipe all over rural NSW. Farmers and fencers swore by our product, and if you drive around the Riverina farming region you will see ex-drill casing end assemblies, supplied by us, still meeting and exceeding farmers' needs. Over the years, we moved our focus on to wholesale and large diameter pipe.

We now sell cut to length fencing post packs. As Bull Pipe, we aim to save the end user money while supplying a superior steel post that will outlast the competitors. With a 6-8mm wall, our pipe lasts. 

Contact us 

Allan Arthur - 0428 843 700 - allan@arthurpipe.com

Harry Arthur - 0428 154 115 

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